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  In the past, a man named Ma Liang poor children, he was born smart, like painting since childhood. But because when the family destitute, he did not even buy a pen without his money to the mountains firewood, to break a branch in the hillside Videos; when mowing to the river, on the river with roots dipped in the river Videos ; back home, he took a piece of charcoal in the courtyard painting.

  Ma Liang relentlessly painting, from the interruption day. But he often wondered if he could have a brush that be nice for one night, Ma Liang trance feel a burst of colorful lit cave of light, then there is a white-bearded old man, gave him a gold Guangcan God pen. Ma Liang happily awakened, it was a dream! He can look at his hand, really amazing own hands do have a pen. He immediately with the stroke of a bird, the bird actually alive, spreading its wings to fly up, he drew a fish, but also live up jump. With this pen Ma Liang God every day for the village poor good people painting, what someone missing, Ma Liang gave what they draw.

  A neighboring village greedy, heartless rich man heard about it later, immediately sent to Ma Liang arrested in the past, forcing his own painting. No matter how rich coax him, threatened him, he refused to draw. The rich man took him off to the stables, do not give him food to eat. In the evening it began to snow goose feather. See the rich man's door stables blazing red light, but also smelt a fragrant taste, to see the door, Ma Liang in which they burned a large stove, while roasted on fire, eating a pancake like an oven. This is Ma Liang stove and pancake with God strokes out. Rich man suddenly angry, Ma Liang intends to kill, God grabbed his pen. Ma Liang then climbed the ladder to go over the wall. Rich man hurried to climb the ladder to catch, just climb two steps, fell down. Originally, this ladder is God Ma Liang with strokes. The rich man did not get up, Ma Liang was riding a horse with a stroke of God flew away.

  Rich with horses and people, he caught up. He appeared to be chasing a Ma Liang God with strokes of a bow, an arrow. Ma Liang take a bow archery, a shot in the throat of a rich man, rich man suddenly Qijueshenwang. After the emperor know, he sent to Ma Liang to catch up. Ma Liang emperor intimidate him cash cow painting lines, otherwise, it is necessary to kill Ma Liang. Ma Liang God pen wielded in the center of a boundless sea there is a small island, the island has a tall and big cash cow. Ma Liang drew a giant wooden boat, the emperor who put on a wooden boat. Ma Liang drew a few strokes wind, wind and large wooden row. Ma Liang continue to keep style, roll up layers of sea waves, the ship overturned by the waves, the emperor sank to the seabed.

  Later, Ma Liang in the end went to where people do not know. It is said that he returned to his hometown, and the farming of those partners together. It was also said that he wandered, devoted to the poor people painting.

  从前,有个叫马良的穷孩子,他天生聪敏,从小喜欢画画。可是由于家里穷困潦倒,他连买一支笔的钱也没有 他到山上打柴时,就折一根树枝在山坡上画;到河边割草时,就用草根蘸着河水在河边画;回到家里,就拿一块木炭在院子里画。

  马良坚持不懈地画画,从没有间断过一天。但他常常想,如果自己能有一支画笔那该有多好呀 一个晚上,马良恍惚中感到窑洞里亮起了一阵五彩的光芒,这时出现了一个白胡子老人,老人送给他一支金光灿灿的神笔。马良高兴地惊醒过来,原来是个梦!可他看看自己的手,真是太不可思议了 自己手里确实有一枝笔。他马上用笔画了一只鸟,鸟竟活了过来,展开翅膀飞了起来,他又画了一条鱼,鱼也活了起来,活蹦乱跳。马良有了这支神笔,天天替村子里穷苦善良的人家画画,谁家缺什么,马良就给他们画什么。



  马良后来到底去了什么地方 ,人们不得而知。有人说 ,他回到了自己的家乡,和那些种地的伙伴在一起。也有人说,他到处流浪,专门给穷苦的人们画画。


  In the beautiful forest, home to many animals, there are cute little bunny, bright little monkey, the mighty lion ...... they can be happy living together. In the large and beautiful forest is also home to a beautiful and proud peacock princess, She had a colorful plumage, it is endearing, but she still likes to make friends.

  Peacock Princess once Peacock Princess to bear his sister's house, looking for the Cubs play sister, Princess Peacock knocked Cubs sister's door, the Cubs came out, her head wearing one pair of pink bow clip, wearing a yellow dress, peacock Princess looked on proudly: "Winnie sister, you look at your skin a dark, ugly dead, you see my feathers more beautiful." Winnie listened to cry, turned and ran.

  Another time, Peacock Princess and squirrels play, accidentally fell down a small squirrel, later covered up the mud, little squirrel ready to get clean the dirt, but he did not care who got Peacock Princess Peacock Princess met with angry and said: "little squirrel, do not think you care, my pretty clothes are dirty, I want you to lose." After listening to the little squirrel quickly said:. "I'm sorry, I did not mean" peacock Princess or very angry and said: "I'm sorry what's the use, I want you to pay Well, not later, and you play it!." sad little squirrel away. Then the elephant uncle next heard of Peacock Princess said: "We are all good friends, you do not, though you look beautiful, but not too proud ah, if you are not humble, since you are a good friend Without the "peacock Princess listened then said:" elephant uncle you're right, I was wrong, I would like to apologize Cubs and squirrels, and everyone will live in harmony. "

  Since then, really it became a peacock in the forest lovely and popular princess.